Singapore’s Jasmine Ong Loves Sonic Alert

Greetings from Singapore! Been an avid user of the Sonic Alert alarm clock for many years as it is useful for deaf individuals like us. The alarm clock’s vibrating degree is much stronger as compared to any handphone’s. We can be assured that it will definitely wake us up every morning for school/work. It also has a function to see the time with the light which is so convenient at night. Even so, it is so portable, can be taken anywhere for travel too!

Actually, can’t really remember how I came to know of Sonic Alert, think it could be one of my deaf friends who introduced it to me many years ago. Recently introduced it to one of my hearing friends to try it. He was impressed with it and even got me to help order for him. 🙂 Several of my deaf friends are using Sonic Alert products too.

Kudos to Sonic Alert for being an important part of our lives!

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