How Sonic Alert Can Help This Fourth of July

Many would be surprised to find out how radically different Fourth of July celebrations are these days from the time when our country separated from the British. It was on July 2, 1776, that the Continental Congress decided to separate itself from Great Britain. Just two days later, the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and festivities have continued on that fateful day ever since.

With the Revolutionary War starting in April 1775, there were not many colonists who wanted complete independence from Great Britain. It was only within the middle of the next year that colonists were seeking independence from them. On June 7, Richard Henry Lee, a Virginia delegate, motioned for the independence of the colonies. Eventually, a five-person committee was adopted including John Adams of Massachusetts, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Robert Livingston of New York, and Roger Sherman of Connecticut, who sought to put together a statement that gave reason to their break with Britain. On July 2, it was when they voted on Lee’s motion. July 4th would be that special day when the colonists were freed from the English.

Back then, colonists would celebrate the occasion by holding celebrations of the king’s birthday. This generally included bonfires, processions, speechmaking, and ringing of bells. However, some colonists celebrated their independence by hosting fake funerals for King George III. Other festivities included the firing of cannons, parades, concerts, and bonfires immediately after the first public readings of the Declaration of Independence. Today, the Fourth of July has become a great focus for family events and relaxing activities such as barbecues and fireworks. Medical Xpress says that fireworks could potentially lead to hearing loss. The Daily and Sunday Express states it could lead to blindness too. That is where we come in. Our products can make all the difference.

You may have trouble hearing the phone now. It might be time you considered one of our amplified telephones. The AMPLIPOWER60 might be exactly what you need. It features a large backlit and easy to see and hearing talking keys as well as TrueSound up to 67 decibels of extra clear sound. It has an amplified speakerphone of up to 15dB, a 95dB loud ringer, and built-in strobe ring signaler. You may have trouble waking up. In that case, The Sonic Bomb, the SBB500SS, could be the clock for you.

The Sonic Bomb
The CL7350 Opti Clip Amplified TV Listener

It comes with a 113 dB dual alarm, a powerful bed shaker, and built-in red flashing strobe lights. It will have you on your feet in a second. You could also find yourself struggling to watch the baseball game as many love to do during the summertime before and after the Fourth of July. The CL7350 Opti Clip Amplified TV Listener might just do the trick to make it easier for you. Just hook it right in via an optical input or an RCA cable input, and you can switch between watching the game or having the conversation at the touch of a button. Additionally, it will transmit signals for you up to 80 feet and has a continuous life of six hours.

While the Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday, some of the festivities could leave an impact on you permanently. That’s why we are here. We seek to provide a service to you and help to make your lives all the better. It’s what we do in our patriotic pride on this most excellent of days in America.

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