Sonic Alert’s Investment in Older Americans Month

According to the US Census Bureau, President John F. Kennedy invited all Americans to show their respect for their elders by making May 1963 Senior Citizens Month. Since then, each president has given a proclamation during or before that month to support the oldest of Americans. President Jimmy Carter changed things up by altering the name to be Older Americans Month in 1980. Since then, the month has been a celebratory time for those who are 65 or older. Many events, ceremonies, and public recognition are held to support those oldest among us. It is especially important for those who defended our country. Older Americans Month, the government website, states this year’s theme is Connect, Create, and Contribute.

This theme is focused on pushing older adults to create a relationship with their community via creating healthy, learning, and engaging activities, connecting with family, friends, and services in support of participation, and contributing their life experience, talent, and time to help others. For our company, Sonic Alert, this represents an important time to stand by our older customers not just as a business but as people too.

Our products can help to solve the needs of many of our customers, especially the older audience that utilizes them to assist them in many of their needs. It is a struggle to become older and age. Many people may lose parts of or all of their hearing. They might need something to help assist them with being able to cope with their days. That’s why we decided to create the CL7350. It comes in Opti Clip and Stethoscope versions. Each one comes with different bells and whistles that could improve the hearing of someone who is older.

Opti Clip

The Stethoscope version offers clear and amplified stereo reception as well as balance and tone control. Its volume control goes up to 125 db SPL. That’s amazing and it also offers a wireless range of up to 80 feet, transmitting the signals through walls. It will work up to six hours on a full charge and has a fast recharging system. It can amplify and clarify any device with an audio input and connects to any device with RCA jacks or an optical input. It could also be plugged into a 3.5mm headphone jack.

For the Opti Clip version, it is a wireless lightweight listening device and offers similar volume and tone control. With left and right balance control, there is also an amplification and clarification of any device with an audio output. At the touch of a button, it can increase the ambient sound of noise. It has a 3.5mm audio jack and could transmit signals through walls. It also has continuous use for six hours.

Should you have trouble waking up, we also have remedies for that. Take the SB700/SB700SS, The Sonic Blast. This alarm clock is the one that does it all. It streams music. It can project the time onto the ceiling or wall. It boasts a super loud 113 db with a flashing LED light. It has a nightlight and Bluetooth wireless audio. It also comes complete with a USB charging port. It’s not the only great alarm clock we have.

The Sonic Blast
The Sonic Glow Alarm Clock

The SBW100, The Sonic Glow Alarm Clock, allows you to record a personalized message to wake up to. It also has a nightlight and USB cell phone charger. To top it off, it has a plug in and play music option via an auxiliary cable and allows for ambient sound (also available on The Sonic Blast) to fall asleep too. Both of these clocks have vibrating bed shakers too.

To put it straight, these products have it all and can make your life better. They could help the hard of hearing, deaf, or blind. They could make a great gift for yourself or someone else during Older Americans Month. With many of our products, we focus on seniors and want to assist them in their everyday lives. We can make a difference in your life or that of a loved one. Give our products a chance and see the changes that come in you or your loved one’s life.

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