Sonic Alert Believes in Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) came about on April 20, 2006. President George W. Bush proclaimed that May would be Jewish American Heritage Month then. It resulted from efforts by the Jewish Museum of Florida and South Florida Jewish community leaders who pushed for their elected leaders such as Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania to support this initiative. Together, they urged Bush to determine a month, which would recognize all the Jewish contributions that have been made to our American culture. Such resolutions passed both in the House of Representatives in December of 2005 and in the Senate during February 2006.

The Jewish Star of David

The month of May was chosen because of the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of American Jewish History. This was coordinated by the Commission for Commemorating 350 Years of American Jewish History, which was composed of the American Jewish Historical Society, the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the Library of Congress.

Since it was created, programs for JAHM have occurred in many places across the country such as Washington, DC with the National Endowment for the Humanities and Smithsonian Institution. With its creation in March 2007, JAHM eventually became a tax-exempt public charity with a Board of Directors and regulated by the JAHM Advisory Committee in 2010. As a company, Sonic Alert has a great deal of Jewish customers.

We take great pride in creating products that can be used by our Jewish customers. We believe our products such as alarm clocks make a difference in the lives of everyone who is Jewish. So, help us celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month. Maybe, you know someone in need of an alarm clock. Perhaps, a person really could use a hearing device.

The Sonic Boom Bedside Alarm Clock
The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

We have many different products that will serve all needs. Give our products a chance for yourself or a loved one and together, we can celebrate making a difference during Jewish American Heritage Month.

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