Deaf Awareness Month: Deaf Moms are Alerted to their Crying Babies by Vibrations and Flashing Lights.



How do deaf parents know when their babies are crying?

It has never been easier for deaf moms to be alerted to their babies cry during the night than it is now.  Long ago deaf parents could only co-sleep with their babies, tie a string around their wrist to the baby’s wrist.  Or, keep an arm or leg near the baby in the crib so that they could feel their baby move in the middle of the night.  Some even trained a dog to alert them to the baby crying.  Now there are many choices, and none of them include dogs or strings.

We are all familiar with baby monitors, and there are so many variations, but they all revolve around passing through the sound that is coming through from the baby.  Since deaf moms cannot hear sound, they have no use for audio baby monitors.  In fact, deaf parents prefer to use a vibrating monitor and possibly a video monitor.

Many deaf people rely on the flashing lights and vibrating bed shakers to alert them to the fire alarm, a phone call, the doorbell, the morning wake up alarm, as well as many other sounds. So connecting a baby cry listener to these systems is the preferred system.




The HomeAware signaling system is a complete alerting solution that has a babycry signaler available. Placed in the babies room this listens for the baby’s cries.  It has a sensitivity switch, so you can decide at what volume and intensity you want to be alerted to.

The Display says “Baby” When the Baby is Crying

BC volume indicator

The main difference between the HomeAware and others is the scrolling display that not only says “baby” but also has the has an intensity indicator on the side to show you how loud and intense the baby is crying. This is extremely helpful in the middle of the night when the bed shakes, the light flash and you do not know what is going.

The HomeAware can Alert You to Other Things Around Your Home

Unlike other systems that rely on flash or vibration patterns, this one simply tells you “baby” or “Smoke” or “Phone” or “Door”.  It is wonderfully clear and concise. 

HA - PhoneHA360MK + Smoke COHA360M Scrolling Door

Depending on the configuration of the HomeAware, you can also be alerted to:


Not only are there flashing lights, but the bed shaker when placed between the mattress and the box spring shakes most of the bed. This allows for them to not have to have the flashing lights on if they do not wish.


If you are looking for more information on the HomeAware Babycry System click Here.

Or check out





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