Don’t leave Dad out of Football Season

Dads love football, but if their hearing is going, they are turning the TV up louder and louder.  So loud in fact that it is hard for others to watch tv with him.  Some may be embarrassed to go get tested for hearing aids.  Here is another option.


TV Listeners for Football Season

If you search online for TV Listeners you will come up with so many options, styles, and huge price variations.  Here are two styles that are high quality with great sound, but also will not break the budget.   The two different styles are: a stethoscope style, and earbuds.


Earbud TV Listener and Stethoscope TV Listener from Sonic Alert

These TV listening earbuds allow volume up to 125 pressurized decibels so if Dad’s hearing loss is really bad he will still able to listen as loud as he wants without it being uncomfortable for everyone else in the room.  They can be adjusted side to side so he can have it louder in one ear than the other.  There is also a handy charging station, as well as a clip on the earbud unit to secure them on to his pocket to keep his hands free.

Stand-Super-Loud-Amplified-TV-Listerner-headset-Geemarc-CL7350-Sonic-Alert (1)

Important Product Details and Specs

Earbud & Stethoscope Opticlip Amplified TV Listener from Sonic Alert offer:

  • 6 hours of listening time
  • 125 pressurized decibels and comfortable earbud for use with any TV that has an optical or auxiliary input.
  • 80ft range from the Docking Station.


CL7350 Opticlip


Opticlip Earbuds are the easiest, most convenient way to listen to the football this season with your family.




These earbuds are just like the earbuds you use for your smartphone, and, if you like those better – you can even use the earbuds from your smartphone.  Plug them into the  Opticlip and listen at your volume.



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