Back to School – ADHD in College? Send your teen with a couple final tips to help them get to class!

The Modern Man'sEssential Grooming Kit (1)Is your ADHD teen getting ready to head off to college?  Have they scheduled all their classes after 10am but you are still worried that they will never make it to class on their own?  Here are a couple of final tips you can give them as they fly the nest and have to figure it all out without you.

For most people who live with ADHD the fog of sleep is so heavy it’s hard to climb out, and that is what it feels like – climbing out.  Once you are out, you just want to get back in. Here are a few steps that can make your climb easier.

Steps to Get Out of the ADHD Morning Fog

  1. Set one alarm 30 minutes before your normal alarm time, take DSC_0007your ADHD medication(if you take them), then go back to sleep. When your normal alarm goes off, your medication is already in your system and it will be easier to wake up.


lamp2.Turn your lamp on when you take your meds to help your eyes adjust.









3. Remove all layers of your blankets, except your sheet – letting your body adjust slowly to the colder temperature.

Use Different Sensations to Wake-Up


4. Because that fog of sleep is so thick and heavy, sound alone is not enough to pull you out. Use an alarm clock that shakes the bed like the Sonic Bomb. The tactile movement of the bed shaker will engage more parts of your brain making it easier to wake up.











5. SPEAK –  this is a big one.  Speak to someone, or no one – just speak.  Saying words engages your brain and makes it easier to wake-up.



6. Plank!! This might be the craziest suggestion, but it works! xcore-strengthening-to-prevent-running-injuries-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.H4k6_sE_XH

Get out of bed, and plank for 30 seconds.  Planking is crazy and magical, it turns on many different parts of your brain because it engages your entire body in the exercise.


After these steps, your brain should be ready to get some breakfast, or get dressed and get to class.  Give it a shot!!

I hope you found this helpful. If you are looking for more tips for waking up with ADHD check out Untapped Brilliance.

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