What Jobs Cause Hearing Loss?


8 Harmful Jobs For Your Hearing

Many occupations can lead to a permanent hearing loss. Some of the most dangerous jobs include:

1200px-Lely-Mähdrescher1. Farmers

Agricultural machines such as tractors, combines, grain dryers and animals can cause farmers to experience noise levels between 80 and 100 decibels.



2. Manufacturing Workers

Most Manufacturing plants operate loud heavy machinery in a closed environment. In some cases, they do offer earplugs to lessen its impact but even short periods of time a day with exposure to noise levels between 95 and 100 decibels over 30 years can lead to trauma to the ear and cause hearing loss.

best-logger-boots-man3. Logging Workers

A job in logging is not only physically demanding but also holds many dangers for your ears. When working, a dozer is exposed to 97 dB, and a timber cutter to 104 decibels.

151379298 4. Airport Ground Controllers

The noise of a jet engine during a take-off reaches up to 140 decibels and is beyond the threshold of pain that occurs at 130 decibels.


32380529-builder-worker-with-pneumatic-hammer-drill-equipment-breaking-asphalt-at-road-construction-site5. Construction workers

Working in the construction industry is an excessively noisy environment, especially when it comes to demolishing.  A hammer drill can create 115 decibels all by itself, not to mention all of the other sounds of destruction.



6. Rock musicians

This may be many peoples dream come true, but it can lead to permanent ear damage from noise levels of more than 120 decibels during a concert.



7. Wait Staff  in a Nightclub

After a few short hours spent in a nightclub, you could experience ringing and discomfort in your ears. The typical noise level in a nightclub or disco is between 100 and 110 decibels.





8. Military personnel

Some military operations have noise levels that could reach between 130 – 140 decibels, which makes hearing loss one of most common disabilities among of our veterans.

What Can You Do for your Hearing Loss?

The potential damage to your ears can be reduced by the use of the right protection equipment such as noise-canceling headphones, earplugs or general avoidance of prolonged exposure.  However, If you have worked in any of these occupations and now find yourself with mild or profound hearing loss, Sonic Alert may be able to help you. Sonic Alert specializes in Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers or, those with hearing loss, as well as home signaling systems, extra-loud TV Listeners, and Bluetooth Headphones as well as Amplified Telephones.

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