4 New Clocks for Deaf Children & Teens



Sonic Alert has 4 NEW  alarm clocks with great new styles and features for deaf children.

Light-Up Alarm Clock: Moon, Soccer ball, & BaseBall Light Up Alarm Clock

The Sonic Glow dual alarm clock comes in several new designs a moon, soccer ball, baseball, and an opaque white night light.


The light flashes on and off when the alarm is going off and you can buy it with or without our signature Sonic Bomb Super Shaker. The Sonic Bomb Super Shaker is a bed shaker to be placed between your mattress and boxspring.  It shakes the bed to wake you up when the alarm goes off. The Sonic Glow comes with an adjustable 113 decibel super loud alarm for people who have some hearing or can be turned off completely for people with no hearing ability.

If your little one needs a nightlight – It has several brightness settings so you can get it lit just bright enough for them to feel safe.


Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port


The Sonic Glow Alarm Clock has a USB charging port to charge your Phone, iPad or other bedside devices.


The Sonic Glow combines all of the great features of our top rated Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with brand new features like the speaker, USB charge port, recordable alarm, and nightlight into this NEW alarm clock that comes in 4 new fun styles. Tell us what style you would like to see next.

For more information on the Sonic Glow, Sonic Bomb, and all of our other clocks for heavy sleepers including our new Bluetooth Sonic Bomb that works with your smartphone visit:

Sonic Alert



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