Waking up for Shabbat

shabbat1Whether you call it Shabbos or Shabbat it can be Difficult to Wake-up Without an Alarm

This is especially true if you are hard to wake or have a tendency to oversleep to begin with. Sonic Alert offers the most trusted alarm clocks for waking up for Shabbos with the ONE MINUTE AUTO-OFF feature.  This will ensure you make it to Synagogue before the Shabbat service.

Clock Safe for Muktzah – One-minute Auto-Off

With the One-minute auto-off feature you never have to touch your alarm clock on Shabbos. This is especially helpful for those heavy sleepers who are prone to oversleep.  Set the alarm prior to sunset, and you will have no problem waking up for breakfast. It will automatically turn off after 1 minute without you looking at it or touching it.

All of Sonic Alerts clocks have been used throughout the Jewish Brooklyn communities for Yeshiva, Shabbos, & Yom Tov for over 15 years. Here are some of the models available:

Sonic Boom SB200ss:SB200ss_a

The SB200ss is a small desktop alarm clock that fits nicely on a small nightstand.  It features a bed shaker with a 113dB audible Alarm and one-minute auto off.


Sonic Boom SB300ss:SB300 spec sheet photo

The SB300ss is considerably larger than the SB200ss and has larger numbers for those of us who prefer things a little larger to be clear without our glasses.  It also has a 113dB alarm, bed shaker and one-minute auto off.

Sonic Boom SBT600ss & SBT625ss:



The SBT600ss and SBT625ss are smaller clocks that use a smaller, less powerful, bed shaker. They also don’t have quite as loud of an alarm compared the SB200 and SB300 – but these are still considerably louder than other alarm clocks. These clocks all have a one-minute auto-off feature.

Sonic Shaker SBP100


The Sonic Shaker SBP100 is a battery powered travel alarm clock that shakes you awake.  This is great for camp!


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