6 Tips for Waking Up with ADHD


ADHD makes mornings rough, the fog of sleep is so heavy it’s hard to pull yourself out.  Once you are out, you just want to lay back down. Here are a few tips to make your morning easier:

Steps to Get Out of the ADHD Morning Fog

  1. Set one alarm 30 minutes before your normal alarm time, take DSC_0007your ADHD medication(if you take them), then go back to sleep. When your normal alarm goes off, your medication is already in your system and it will be easier to wake up.


lamp2.Turn your lamp on when you take your meds to help your eyes adjust.







3. Remove one layer of your blankets, letting your body adjust slowly to the colder temperature.

Use Different Sensations to Wake-Up


4. Because that fog of sleep is so thick and heavy, sound is not enough to pull you out. Use an alarm clock that shakes the bed like the Sonic Bomb. The tactile movement of the bed shaker will engage more parts of your brain making it easier to wake up.








5. Set a timer to turn on your coffee maker to engage your nose. That sensation will also alert your stomach that you are hungry.



6. SPEAK –  this is a big one.  Speak to someone, or no one – just speak.  Saying words engages your brain and makes it easier to wake-up.


I hope you found this helpful. If you are looking for more tips for waking up with ADHD check out Untapped Brilliance.


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