2017’s Best Reviews of Alarm Clocks, Amplified Phones, & TV Listeners

A year in Review

Sonic Alert had a record number of reviews and posts about our products in 2017.   While many of them are about the Sonic Bomb,our crazy loud alarm clock with bed shaker, we had a number of others as well.  Here is the list of our favorite reviews and posts about out products in 2017.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleepers who are Hard to Wake

Business Insider

 The Sonic Bomb® by Sonic Alert which has been voted 2017’s Best Alarm Clock for Hard to Wake people by BusinessInsider.com.  The Sonic Bomb® is known for its super loud alarm  and it’s earth shaking bed shaker, that’s right, bed shaker!  Placed under your mattress or pillow the bed shaker vibrates strong enough wake you up and not the rest of your dorm room!


Wiki.EzVid.com has us at #5 of the 10 best clocks and says its “Great for students”


Independent.ie discusses how the Sonic bomb helps him wake up while battling a sleep disorder.


The Sonic Bomb made another appearance on Business Insider this year as the “Best Alarm Clock for Deep Sleepers.”Business-Insider-Sonic-Bomb.JPG









The Sonic Bomb for Hard to Wake, Disabilities, and ADHD

Bloggers of all varieties mentioned us in their blogs, moms of hard to wake children, deaf blind blogs, and adults with ADHD blog.

Texas Kitchen, a Top Mommy Blog member said that the bed shaker is a cool way to wake someone up.

texas kitchen

Confessions of a Deaf Blind Mother, reviewed the Bluetooth Sonic Bomb as well as the Sonic Shaker Travel Clock.

Deaf Blind mother

Untapped Brilliance, a blog about waking up with ADHD suggests the Sonic Bomb as a different way to wake up.

unpatted brilliance

Epic Review Guy picked the Sonic Bomb for a great Christmas gift and also mentioned the Bluetooth Sonic Bomb.



T3 Smart Living has us in their top slot and calls us a “Stubborn wakeup call for stubborn sleepers”


Best Reviews included the Sonic Boom SB200ss as their top pick and said it is the best bang for the buck!

best reviews



Sonic Bomb Bluetooth Super Shaker review from OSReviews is an awesome review and great instructional video on how best to use the product.

Geemarc CL7350 Optic – TV Listeners with Earbuds

Everyday Hearing had wonderful things to say about the Geemarc Opticlip and called it an updated TV Ears.

everyday hearing

Geemarc Amplipower60 – Loudest Amplified Phone

Wiki.EzVid.com shows up again on our list of favorite posts of 2017 and has us at #2 of the 10 best amplified phones.


We appreciate all reviews, posts, blogs, and mentions that we have recieved in 2017 and are excited for what 2018 with 6 new products coming out this year.  Follow our blog to hear about them first.

Check out our Store for more items like these!


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