New Years Resolution: To Wake Up Early


Wake up Early to Be More Successful

University of Texas did a study in 2008 and students that reported being “morning people” earned a full point higher on their GPA than reported “night owls.”  Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs,  business executives, and overall productive people all tend to be early risers. Forbes magazine has waking up early as one of the most productive New Years Resolutions because it works. You can improve your effectiveness by becoming an early riser.

How to wake up early?

According to the Sonic Bomb is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers who are trying to wake up early.

Sonic Bomb with Bed Shaker

Business Insider also awarded the Sonic Bomb the Best Alarm Clock for Deep Sleepers in 2017!

Why the Sonic Bomb® Won

Even though it has an eye-opening 113dB alarm, the Sonic Bomb® still has a secret weapon.  It can be silent as well.  With its unique bed shaker, the Sonic Bomb® can go into stealth mode by shaking the bed and only wake up the person it is supposed to.   Even when it is placed under a mattress the vibrations from the bed shake are still strong enough to wake you up!


If you want to use your smartphone as the bed share instead, our new Bluetooth Sonic Bomb bed shaker will shake you awake! Bluetooth Sonic Bomb SS100BT.

SS100BT low - web


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