3 Great Gifts for Grandma (or Grandpa)


Grandma, or Mom, can be Tricky to Buy Gifts For

Grandma doesn’t need much, and she always buys what she needs when she needs it, which makes it especially difficult around the holidays, or birthdays.  We came up with 3 great gift options for you that can make her life easier as well as give you a little peace of mind as she ages.

1. The Medical Alert Without The Monthly Bill


The Ampli600 is an incredible amplified phone that comes with two emergency transmitters.  The Ampli600 allows Grandma to stay independent and offers her the ability to call family with a touch of a button when and if she needs to. She wears one transmitter on her wrist (like a watch) and you can hang the other transmitter in the bathroom off of the towel hanger where she could potentially fall.

In the event She needs help or there is an emergency all she needs to do is press the button.  The phone calls out to the programmed phone numbers until someone answers.  The best set up is to have daughters, sons, neighbors, and the last number programmed as 911 in case no one is available.  Once Someone picks up she can communicate through the speaker phone.

Lastly, the phone has a “listen in” feature that allows you to call her and listen in on what is happening in the event she is not answering.
Home Medical Alert System

It is an easy-to-use, medical alert system for when she needs it. And the best part is No Monthly Fee!  She will love being able to hear her friends and family on the phone again, and you will love the peace of mind it brings.

2. Opticlip TV Listener with Earbuds

CL7350 Opticlip

The CL7350 opticlip from Sonic Alert is another great gift for Grandma. It not only allows her to dial up the volume, adjust the right and left ear volume, but it also lets her adjust the tone, making even the most difficult British accents crisp and clear.  She will be able to catch every word effortlessly.


How It Compares to Other TV Listening Devices

The Geemarc 7350 opticlip uses earbuds that are light and comfortable unlike others styles available. She may even forget that she has them on – not to mention they are half the price of some of the other options.


Top Feature:  Long Range Reception

The CL7350 headset has remarkable range.  Grandma can wear them while checking on dinner, putting in a load of laundry or using the rest room without missing a word.  She can also put them in her bedroom and watch TV in bed with the volume all the way turned down while Grandpa sleeps.


3. The HomeAware, a Smoke/Co Signaler with Bed Shaker


The HomeAware HA360MVSB is a smoke & CO alarm that alerts you to when your existing smoke or CO detectors in your home are going off – and you can’t hear them.  If your Grandma doesn’t always wear her hearing aids, or she is like most people, and doesn’t sleep with them in, she needs this!


Smoke Alarm with Strobe Light

With a flashing strobe light, extra loud 113dB audible alarm, and bed shaker, the HomeAware is impossible to miss while sleeping.  Not only is it always listening for the smoke or CO detectors, it is also an alarm clock, and if they go off, Grandma will know it.

Bed Shaker for Fire or Smoke Alarms

Place the bed shaker between the mattress and the box spring and when the smoke detector goes off the bed shakes her awake, she can look to the scrolling display and see what is going on.  You can also place the bed shaker under the pillow for a more concentrated shake.


Keep Grandma Safe

This will not only be a great gift for Grandma, but it will also give you peace of mind if your grandma is heard of hearing.  The HomeAware HA360MVSB is an easy solution to a difficult problem.  Plug it in, set the time, & place the bed shaker under the mattress; now it is all set up and ready to alert you to the existing smoke or CO detectors in your home while you are sleeping.


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