What is an Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker & How Can it Help Me?


You may have heard the term “bed shaker” or “bed vibrator” or “super shaker” and thought “What is that, and How can it help?” This post is for you.

If you’re the type of person who needs to set multiple alarms or lets their alarm ring for minutes without turning it off, you might need a bed shaker.  Clearly, the sound alone is not getting you out of bed and here is something that can help.

Super Loud Alarm Clock

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock has a super loud 113 dB alarm (think Siren) as well as flashing lights and the ultimate wake up tool – the bed shaker.

super-loud-alarm-sonic-bomb-bluetooth-super-shaker-ss100bt-extra-loud-clock-heavy-sleepers-sonic-bomb-sonic-alert-woman3-e1512768009555.jpg                 31876

Place under the mattress or pillow.

Bed Shakers will Shake you Awake

The bed shaker is placed between the box spring and mattress for maximum effect.  But if you need a stronger more concentrated option, under the pillow works too.  The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has the strongest bed shaker available and is guaranteed to wake you up.

Also in Bluetooth


Also, check out the smartphone version that lets you schedule alarms for certain days so you don’t miss any of those precious opportunities to get an extra few minutes of shut-eye. Bluetooth Sonic Bomb

SS100BT low - web

The Perfect Gift

The Sonic Bomb® makes for the perfect gift for heavy sleepers.  Pick one up for anyone who has trouble getting up in the morning.  The Sonic Bomb is the answer!



People who use the Sonic Bomb alarm clock:

  • High school students
  • College students
  • Adults with ADD/ADHD
  • Teens with ADD/ADHD
  • People with insomnia
  • People with sleep disorders
  • People who struggle to wake



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