Waking Up For The Hunt

Everyone knows the first one in the hunting blind is the one with the best odds at bringing home the biggest buck.  Easier said then done after a long night with the fellas. This is your year but it’s going to take you getting up before the others?  The Sonic Bomb® is your secret weapon to a successful fall hunting trip.  With an eye-opening 113 decibel alarm and heavy duty bed shaker it will wake even the sleepiest “hungover” hunter.

The Best Alarm Clock for Hunters


Just because you spring out of bed when your alarm clock sounds off at 4am doesn’t mean your spouse shares your same enthusiasm!  Choose to wake silently without waking others when you turn off the sound and wake with only the bed shaker.


The Sonic Bomb® Bed Shaker

This year don’t take any chances, blast out of bed with the Bunker Bomb® from Sonic Alert.  The small, hockey puck shaped shaker easily fits between your box spring and mattress or under your pillow.  When it is time to get up, the shaker vibrates, letting you know your day of hunting has started while others stay asleep quietly uninterrupted.

Bunker Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert On The Go

Don’t scare off the wildlife. Check out the Sonic Shaker SBP100 which is a small, hockey puck sized travel clock that powerfully vibrates instead of making a sound.  The SBP100 is a battery operated alarm clock that clips on to your jacket. When the SBP100 vibrates then you’ll know it’s time to get back into the zone!


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