Don’t be “That Guy” The Only Alarm Clock for College Students

“Don’t be that guy”  You know, the guy who lets their alarm clock go on and on waking everyone up but you because you’re hard to wake.  Maybe that 8:00am class wasn’t such as good idea after all. WAKE UP,  Turn it off and keep the peace!

If you’re the type of person who needs to set multiple alarms and lets their alarm ring for minutes without turning it off, your roommate(s) are going to end up hating you be the end of the semester.

I Don’t Do Mornings

Some people are morning people and others are not, i get it.  As a general trend, college students stay up late and subscript to the idea of hard hard play hard.  sleeping in just inst an option if you want to stay in school which is why classes that begin at 8 a.m. seem unfair.  However, if that 8 a.m. class is your ticket to another year of not living at home with mom and all night keggers you better have a plan for getting to class on time.

The Better Wake Up Solution

Sonic BombConsider getting the Sonic Bomb® by Sonic Alert which has been voted 2017’s Best Alarm Clock for Hard to Wake people by  The Sonic Bomb® is known for its super loud alarm  and it’s earth shaking bed shaker, that’s right, bed shaker!  Placed under your mattress or pillow the bed shaker vibrates strong enough wake you up and not the rest of your dorm room!

Also, check out the smartphone revision that lets you schedule alarms for certain days so you don’t miss any of those precious opportunities to get an extra hour or two on your off days Bluetooth Sonic Bomb

The Perfect Gift

The Sonic Bomb® makes for the perfect gift.  Pick one up for your graduating senior or for anyone who has trouble getting up in the morning.  The Sonic Bomb is the answer!


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