Wake like a Marine! The Best Alarm Clock for Basic Training

Attention! After meeting with a recruiter several times and talking over your options with both family and friends, you finally did it!  You have enlisted to be a soldier in the United States Army.  The next step now is going to Basic Combat Training (BCT) which will be a grueling a mental and physical test.  You know you need to start running more and become a little (okay, a lot) more comfortable with following the intense directions from your drill Sargent.  But have you thought about how you will get out of bed every morning at o 400 hours?

Early Morning Wake Up With The Bunker Bomb®

Bunker Bomb Alarm ClockThe Bunker Bomb® by Sonic Alert is THE alarm clock you need to train yourself to wake up early.  It comes complete with an adjustable sound and a powerful bed shaker that will literally shake you awake.  The shaker is positioned underneath your mattress or pillow and when it is time to wake up the shaker vibrates, silently alerting you that it is time to wake.

Make Early Morning Wake Ups A Habit

Don’t leave waking up to chance, turn both the sound and bed shaker on for your early morning wake up. The sound can be adjusted up to 110dB (the same level as a rock concert).  Between the powerful bed shaker and the loud audible alarm, you will spring from your bed ready for action!

In fact, after just 21 days of pre-BCT wake-up training with the Bunker Bomb®, you will have made a habit that will give you an advantage over the other recruits.


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