The Medical Alert Without The Monthly Bill

Sue D. From Detroit MI:

My mom wants to be independent and I want that for her as well. With her living in the same neighborhood it’s been convenient for both of us to stay in touch and for me to drop in on her to help out when she needs it.

Lately I’ve been worrying more and more about not being there when she needs me most.  It is the type of feeling that causes me concern for her well-being.  I love my mom.  I don’t know what I would do if something were to happen to her. I discussed how I felt with my husband and we both agreed that it is time to get her a medical alert system…just in case.

Home Medical Alert System

Help, I’ve Fallen…

We have all seen the television commercials where a senior has fallen and looks completely helpless. That’s not my mom!  Sometimes she just needs a little help getting out of her chair.  She would rather have a loved one or neighbor help her, not half the the fire department.  It’s usually not a 911 emergency.

Skip The Monthly Fee

I have kids in college, our family has its own bills, and my Mom is on a fixed income. So adding another monthly fee of $29.99 or more wasn’t the preferred option.   So I started asking around to find a better solution.  A good friend suggested the Geemarc Ampli600 Emergency Response Amplified Telephone.

How It Works


The Ampli600 is at its core an incredible amplified phone that comes with two emergency transmitters.  The ampli600 allows my mom to stay independent and offers her the ability to call me with a touch of a button when and if she needs me. She wears one transmitter on her wrist (like a watch) and we hung the other transmitter in the bathroom off of the towel hanger where she could potentially fall.

In the event She needs help or there is an emergency all she needs to do is press the button.  The phone calls out to the programmed phone numbers until someone answers.  I have it set to first call me then my sister and so on.  The last number programmed is 911 in case no one is available.  Once Someone picks up we can communicate through the speaker phone.

Lastly, the phone has a “listen in” feature that allows me to call her and listen in on what is happening in the event she cannot physically use the phone to contact me.

It has been such a relief to know that she has an accessible, easy-to-use, medical alert system for when she needs it. And the best part is No Monthly Fee!


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