This TV Listener saved my life!….With my Husband


I’m getting older and with that i have developed mild hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus.  As a result I was having to crank up the volume too loud for others in the room including my TV buddy (my husband) who has very sensitive hearing.  I was especially difficult to understand the British programming that my husband and I love to watch on PBS.  My hearing got to the point that i just stopped watching and instead started to read a magazine or read a book.  My son in law noticed and surprised me one day with an wireless amplified TV headset.  I know it sounds silly but watching TV and movies was one hobby my husband shared in common.  Not being able to watch with him kind of drove a wedge between us plus i really did miss binge watching downtown Abby with a bucket of popcorn.

The CL7350 opticlip from Sonic Alert not only allows you to dial up the volume, but also lets you adjust the tone, making even the most difficult British accents crisp and clear.  Now i catch every word effortlessly.


How It Compares to Other TV Listening Devices

The Geemarc 7350 opticlip uses earbuds that are light and comfortable unlike others i have seen. You really forget that you have them on not to mention they are half the price of some of the other guys.  I use them everyday and now half of my neighbors have the same ones.

Earbud TV Listening Device

Top Feature:  Long Range Reception

The CL7350 headset has remarkable range.  I am able to wear them while I check on dinner, put in a load of laundry or use the rest room without missing a word.  I have a second pair upstairs in our bedroom and can watch TV in bed with the volume all the way turned down while my husband sleeps.

–          Karen H.  Centerville, OH   Sent by iPad



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