Watch TV with Grandpa Again…At Any Volume

My Grandfather is a true ‘do-it-your-selfer’.  He’s 78 years old and he still  cuts his grass,  and changes his own oil.  He has a passion for the yard, his car, and he loves his Chicago Bears.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are sitting with him, eating potato chips and watching TV.

Because of his declining hearing the TV has gotten a little louder these days…o.k. maybe a lot louder.   Last time I was over for a visit I thought that me he may be a good candidate for a hearing aid.  Unfortunately, he hates going to the doctor and I’m sure he would  have nothing to do with the hearing aid idea.


The Perfect TV Listeners for Those Who Are Hard of Hearing

One day I was searching online for TV Listeners and I came across two types that I thought would not only be a great gift for grandpa but also would make it more tolerable to watch TV with him.  They came in two different styles:  one was a stethoscope style, and the other was in the form of earbuds.  For Christmas I purchased the earbud TV listener for my grandma , and the stethoscope style for my grandpa.

Earbud TV Listening Device

Earbud TV Listener from Sonic Alert

The gift was a huge hit and Neither of them go anywhere without their TV headsets. They even bought a second pair for their winter home in Arizona.  Set up is a snap.  It took me no more than a few minutes and one easy connection to the TV.


These TV listening earbuds allow volume up to 125 pressurized decibels Now, grandpa is able to listen as loud as he wants without it being uncomfortable for me.  I think what he likes the most about them is that he can adjust the sound from side to side and have it louder in one ear than the other.  My grandma likes that he is not always looking for them because he puts them in the docking station at night when he is done, and then clips them back on to his pocket when he is ready to listen again.

Stand-Super-Loud-Amplified-TV-Listerner-headset-Geemarc-CL7350-Sonic-Alert (1)

I am hoping that this is a gateway into other hearing solutions for my stubborn old grandpa – but until then, at least we can still watch TV together.

Important Product Details and Specs

Geemarc CL7350 Opticlip Amplified TV Listener from Sonic Alert offers:

  • 6 hours of listening time
  • 125 pressurized decibels and comfortable earbud for use with any TV that has an optical or auxiliary input