A Doorbell That You Can See!

Cynthia K. from Palo Alto CA:

More and more I find that my mother doesn’t answer the door when I stop by to visit.  Come to find out she simply cannot hear it. The DB200ss from Sonic Alert changes that.


A Frustrated Neighbor

The other day a fellow neighbor called me concerned. She had stopped by mom’s for their weekly scrabble game and my mom didn’t come to the door.  Alarmed, I immediately went to her home to make sure there was no emergency.   When I arrived I learned that nothing was going on other than she was up in her bedroom and couldn’t her the doorbell.  She didn’t have her hearing aids in because she likes to take them out while hanging around the house.


A More Comfortable and Safe Solution

I did some research and found a few different solutions for her.  The one that I liked the best was the Sonic Alert DB200 it has an amplified chime and also flashes her lamp.  


Some of other the unique features I really liked in the Sonic Alert DB200 were:

  • When combined with the Sonic Alert SA201, multiple lamps in your home can blink at the same time
  • The ability to turn on/off the amplified doorbell chime.
  • You can connect to your phone to signal an incoming call.

Finding the Sonic Alert DB200 has been a real relief and gives my mom and I piece of mind. If you are looking for an amplified doorbell that is simple to install  check out the Sonic Alert DB200.


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