Everything Camo- Meet the Bunker Bomb®

Have you ever wanted a clock you couldn’t see, or, one that blends into the background to make it even more fun in the morning to wake up to?  Me too – I love camouflage everything.  In fact, wear camo pajamas, sleep in camo bed sheets, I even have a camo toilet seat.  I am always looking for camouflage items that would be a great addition to a hunting cabin or a bachelor bedroom.



The Ultimate Wake Up Call

Check out the Bunker Bomb® alarm clock I couldn’t have been more excited.  The Sonic Bomb® has added a new clock to its line-up that can be a bit hard to see but it will still wake you up!  The Sonic Bomb is designed for anyone who is hard to wake, hard of hearing or anyone who LOVES camo!  It’ perfect for anyone who is hard to wake

  • Teens
  • students
  • Gamers
  • Late nighters
  • Software Programmers
  • The Hard of Hearing

And now, even hunters and camouflage enthusiasts can join the fun!

Bunker Bomb® Alarm Clock Features

The new Bunker Bomb® has all the wonderful features of the original Sonic Bomb® that include:

  • A 113dB alarm
  • Flashing lights
  • Powerful bed shaker

And now it comes in a camouflage skin – for a stealthier, almost undetectable appearance.  You might have to search for it as you are trying to turn it off, but, it will definitely wake you up;)




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