Amplified Listening Anywhere We Go

Josie J. from Houston TX:

Traveling has always been important to me and to our entire family.  My mom moves a little slower these days and has developed some hearing loss but she still comes with us on our yearly family vacations.

A True Travel Companion for Seniors Hard of Hearing

I plan trips and vacations for my family and have been working on finding products that will help to make her trip more comfortable and enjoyable.  One of the things she loves to do is watch movies and listen to music on the plane.  I found a unique product that would address several of those needs, the Geemarc 7400bt Amplified Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Headphones for Movie Watching


Sonic Alert Bluetooth Headset

The Sonic Alert Amplified Bluetooth Digital Headset offers an extra loud 125pdB volume and they can be adjusted to be louder on one side than the other.  Since my mother has pretty substantial hearing loss in one ear and pretty mild in the other, this is the perfect solution for her.

We can watch from my laptop or connect wireless to her I-pad to listen her favorite pod cast.  They are hearing aid compatible but are loud enough were she can take her hearing aids out for a more comfort trip.

One really great and unexpected feature of these new headphones is the microphone which will allow my mom to FaceTime with the grandkids and and talk on her new cell phone.

She now uses these daily, she can even connect them to our smart TV when she stops over.


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